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ParLu Maps

Welcome to the platform of maps of ParLU. Please use the copyright WWF Paraguay.

Eco-regions and pilot sites (indigenous and rural communities) where the ParLU project is being implemented.


Pilot areas:

Spot 1: Bahia Negra (Alto Paraguay – Occidental Region)

Spot 2: Yvy Pyta (Canindeyú – Oriental Region)

Spot 3: Tavapy (Alto Parana – Oriental Region)

Spot 4: Naranjal (Alto Parana – Oriental Region)

Spot 5: Raul Peña (Alto Parana – Oriental Region)

Spot 6: Ñacunday (Alto Parana – Oriental Region)

Pilot project areas – Oriental Rregion

Map 1

Indigenous community: Kue tuvy.

Property: N° 470.

District: Villa Ygatymi.

Department: Canindeyú.



Map 2

Communities: Dolores, Tavapy I, Tavapy II.

District: Tavapy.

Department: Alto Paraná.



Map 3

Communities: Raúl Peña – Mariscal Estigarribia.

District: Raúl Peña.

Department: Alto Paraná.



Map 4

Communities: Punta Yovai – Lomas Valentinas

District: Ñacunday.

Department: Alto Paraná.

Pilot Project Areas – Occidental Region

The project study area corresponds to the eco-regions of the Pantanal and the Cerrado which cover five districts: Bahía Negra Bay, Fuerte Olimpo, Carmelo Peralta and La Victoria in Alto Paraguay Department, and a small portion of Pinasco in the Department Presidente Hayes. The surface covers 5,428,524 ha.

Estimation of Carbon Stock. Year 2014.







Coverage Map. Year 2014.

Estimations of Carbon Stock – Pilot Area

Year: 1990







Year: 2000






Year: 2005







Year: 2012






Year: 2014






Coverage Map – Pilot Area

Year: 1990







Year: 2000






Year: 2005







Year: 2012






Year: 2014





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