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The ParLU project team is composed of highly trained professionals, with positive core values and who are also highly committed to environmental conservation.


Director of WWF Paraguay Office




WWF’s Director in Paraguay, Lucy has worked since 2000 to stop deforestation in the Atlantic Forest eco-region – one of the most diverse and threatened areas of the world. As a result of her work, deforestation has decreased by over 95%.

She has a degree in Biological Sciences from the Institute of Sciences, National University of Asuncion and did her Masters (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

In 1996, she received a noble title in orders of chivalry awarded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands by the Honorary Prince Bernhard, titled “Order of the Golden Ark with the rank of Knight,” for her work in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking in South America.

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Climate Change Manager

Oscar Rodas

Oscar is completing an MSc. For Natural Resources Management at the National University of Asuncion – Agrarian Sciences Faculty. He is a specialist on Natural Resources and the Environment, and a remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems Specialist. Oscar is the Paraguayan National Climate Change Focal Point and acts as Advisor to the National Climate Change Commission and the National Climate Change Office. Oscar joined WWF in 2014 to coordinate the ParLu Project

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Communications Manager





Sumaia successfully completed an academic degree in Communication Sciences with a specialization in organizational communication at the Catholic University ‘Nuestra Señora de la Asunción’ (UCA). Afterwards she studied across international borders, first in Israel studying journalism in conflict areas, and second in Tokyo to receive training offered by JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) to produce broadcasting materials in HD (High Definition). Between 2008-2012, she was part of the executive team of the TV station “TV PUBLICA PARAGUAY”, fulfilling strategic, political and public communication tasks. In addition, she completed a teachers training course and also practiced at the department of Public Opinion in the UCA for several years.

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Communications Officer

She currently works as a communications officer. She is also in the last year of the career of Public Relations and Marketing.

It’s Public Relations Technical and Bibliotecología from the Institute of Higher Technical Education of Paraguay.

She used to work as General Secretary of the company Yama SRL Paraguay and as head of the School of Library in School of Modern Languages – Institute of Linguistic Guarani of Paraguay (FALEVI – IDELGUAP). She also worked in communications related to event planning areas for 4 years.

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Sustainable Production Officer




Freddy is Agronomist with a specialization in Soil and Land Management, degree obtained at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (National University of Asunción)

He previously served as Director of the Agricultural School in Capiibary by the Ministry of Agriculture in the Department of San Pedro, was also as Coordinator  for Food Security Project for Indigenous and peasant communities of Alto Paraná and Canindeyú for Technological Park – Itaipu.

In 2012 he served as Regional Director of Operations (SENAVE) in the Department of Canindeyú. In WWF works as Sustainable Production Officer since 2015.

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Climate Change Officer

Since May 2014, Fabi started supporting the WWF Paraguay team as a Climate Change officer, helping developing and implementing forest carbon projects (REDD+) throughout Paraguay. He holds a Masters degree in ‘Environmental & Natural Resource Management’ from VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In his free time he is also an avid photographer.

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GIS Officer

Menchi joined WWF in 2010 as a Geographic Information System Officer. She acquired her degree in Forest Engineering at the National University of Asuncion. Before proceeding to WWF, she first started as a technician for the Ministry of Environment (SEAM) and for the National Forest Institute (INFONA). For 3 years she was responsible for project development and analytical mapping using satellite imagery for processing environmental licenses.

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Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Biomass, WWF Germany


Martina is the Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Biomass for WWF Germany. She is a biologist and has worked in national and international nature conservation projects, as well as on land-use planning and management projects for over 20 years. She has worked for WWF since 1992, both on a national and international level.

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Project Manager, WWF Germany

Amanda Parker

Amanda is a Project Manager for the Sustainable Agriculture and Biomass team at WWF Germany. She has-been with WWF since 2010, originally serving as the Senior Communications Officer for WWF Paraguay before joining Germany in 2011. She has expertise working on communications campaigns and educational programs focusing on the prevention of deforestation and preservation of fresh water resources, primarily in the Atlantic Forest. She Also Serves as the Communications Lead for WWF‘s Atlantic Forest Steering Committee.

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